10 “Best” Bitcoin Wallets Compared in 2023 + Pros & Cons


Funding your wallet is simple, but it may require a bit of setup on your end to connect payment methods. Other than that, you just choose when and what to transfer, enter amounts and destinations, and then go through your security measures. Once you get it downloaded, proceed to set up your account, unless you already have an account, in which case you just need to restore from backup and login. You can make crypto swaps, or you can purchase outright, all right here in your crypto wallet. In fact, this wallet even has an NFT gallery, which is something far more rare to find here. This app allows you to download it for free, and take advantage of the various features with ease.

As Robinhood does not charge any Best Bitcoin Wallets, it’s a good alternative vs crypto wallets. If you’re looking to open a crypto wallet that supports almost all coins, Trezor is a great option with over 1600 different cryptos available. Ledger walletBoth hardware devices support the exchange and management of 27 coins and over 1500 tokens. This includes the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monero , making the Nano Ledger X the first hardware wallet to support Monero with iOS devices.

How to choose the best crypto wallet

You can hold any type of Bitcoin or Liquid assets in the wallet, but you won’t be able to access the Lightning exchange or actually make purchases from an exchange. Blockstream Green’s reputation focuses on privacy and security for both Bitcoin and Liquid, and they’ve done a pretty great job. The app is simple and user-friendly, but it does have some limitations when compared to other Bitcoin-focused wallets out there. One of those is the fact that you can’t actually buy Bitcoin here. Of course, if a wallet is what you’re after, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

  • Crypto investors may store the same coins in multiple wallets.
  • There is also a decent selection of different cryptocurrencies, including some of the biggest ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • All you need to ensure is that the device is stored safely and is not misplaced.
  • The same information is required to access your wallet; so you need to keep it secret.
  • It also has in-app crypto exchanges and provides educational resources.
  • For starters, you need to be completely sure that the software you download is legitimate.
  • With a reasonable offering of 50 cryptos, the Coinbase e-wallet is available in over 100 countries including Canada, the US, UK, Kuwait, India and New Zealand.

Ballet https://www.tokenexus.com/, created by notable crypto personality Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTC China, is another tool built for simplicity. The goal of the Ballet wallet is to avoid technical errors as much as possible. If your device is stolen or compromised, your password could be brute-forced. Having a strong password may make this much more difficult.

Electrum – Best Crypto Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC)

Daytrading.com may receive compensation from the brands or services mentioned on this website. MetaMask – the fox logo crypto wallet browser extension that can be used with Chrome. Yoroi – a light wallet for the Cardano blockchain platform. There is no need to download the blockchain when you open the wallet.


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